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That could change if you want to tempt me with money.)
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Most of the photos used at My Whatcom County will be photos I have taken.
Occasionally I may include photos from others... which I will clearly identify.
I take poetic license to touch up or modify distractions in the photos.

Accuracy is important to me, but my photos and text will be fraught
with opinions and biases about the county where I live.
At the same time, don’t read too much into my photos.

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Text Box: ‘Round here Whatcom County is pronounced WATT-cum... not WHAT-com.
Sumas also seems to confuse folks. They say SUE-mass.
And people in the Washington State tend to say WUSH-ing-ton instead of WASH-ing-ton.


Peace Arch -Blaine

Mt Shuksan

Maple Falls

Ross Dam

Twin Sisters



Mt Baker