Text Box: Welcome to My Whatcom County. 
I hope to give visitors to this site a photo glimpse 
at the diversity of Whatcom County located in the
“fourth corner” of Washington State.
My perspectives and insights about Whatcom County will be presented 
using photos and comments grouped in “twin” themes.
Some related, some not... some serious, most not.

I hope you can visit Whatcom County in person some day.
In one day, you can drive east to the snow covered mountains, 
west to the sea, north to the Canadian border, 
and south through the foothills and valleys.
We’re a friendly lot up here. Look around our towns, try out the trails, 
enjoy the wonderful dining, buy our local goods, 
and when you get home... tell your friends it’s a nice place to visit.
 But remember, it is so very green here because it rains too much! 
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8-Tops and Rears

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15-Sea to Ski and Tea