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Text Box: There is no shortage of ready, willing and able protesters in Whatcom County. If you are planning a visit here, try to include the 2nd Friday of any month in your itinerary. Youíll usually find a group of discontents gathered on the street corners next to the Federal Building in Bellingham with signs and flags and flyers and music and a bullhorn or two. Bring a sign for or against whatever tickles your fancy. Youíll fit right in.
Text Box: Each year folks gather in Whatcom County to reenact Civil War battles. This year it was done at Hovander Homestead Park in Ferndale. Itís noisy and impressive, but I donít get it. Why here in Whatcom County? 
Seems like the folks spend a lot of energy and money. Only a couple dozen visitors watched this battle. It might make more sense if it was done 2700 miles away in Gettysburg, PA.