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Text Box: So, Iím driving toward Mt. Baker (hoping to take the photo of the year) when I spot some emus.
I pulled the car over and started snapping the shutter. One of the critters strolled toward me and I decided I must put the lens through the fence to eliminate the wire in the scene.
As the emu got closer, I backed away to capture more of the feather pillow body and I tried to frame the curious face with the wire.
Text Box: Iím thinking great pic. 
Great color.
wire frame 
Cute little guy.
And then...
Text Box: The very next day I was on the other side of the county when I made another little boo-boo.
I wonít discuss the details, but it involved Homeland Security
Text Box: Honestly, I was just trying to get pictures of the wispy, white steam clouds against the clear blue sky. 
Sure there were interesting wires and pipes and gages and stuff, but I was only interested in the art aspects of the scene.
Text Box: I guess some of those security cameras were taking pictures of me!
And art was not their concern.
Text Box: I wonít discuss what was said or what happened to my camera. But the officer did his/her (I wonít discuss that either) job in a very professional manner. 
Text Box: Without discussing the details here, I explained to the security officer my innocent purpose for having a camera pointed at their facility.
Text Box: When you are out taking pictures... stop, think, and, if in doubt, get permission before pushing the shutter button!
Text Box: Small head, long neck, big holes in the wire fence... apparently you need to keep your camera more than one foot from the fence!