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Text Box: The Northwest Washington Fair is Whatcom County’s summer fair. I think it’s great. The fair is held in Lynden every year; mid-August from Monday until Friday (but never on Sunday!). Opening day 2009 is August 17th.

What I think makes this fair special is the hometown feeling that still exists. There are still plenty of farm animals, 4H and local grange exhibitions and events. Nothing like the smell of the cow barn while eating a “moo-wich” or a corn dog.

But, expanding commercialism is changing the character of the fair. You can no longer just wander into the grandstand to get out of the sun, eat your scones or curly fries and wait for the free shows or the once free big name entertainment attractions. Now you pay extra, maybe have a reserved seat and then wait in line at the designated time until the gates open. Oh, the good old days.
Text Box: Our bus system, the Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA), if nothing else, is colorful. The “service every 15 minutes” “Go”  buses and bus stops are brightly painted  in red, green, blue, plum or gold and replete with photos and graphics. 

Bike racks are mounted on the front of many buses and a fleet of smaller “Specialized Transportation” buses are available with curb to curb service for eligible riders. 

Park and ride stations have been placed around the county; the newest  is Cordata Station near Whatcom Community College (WCC) opened January 2009. 

Like many other places, ridership has rapidly improved since gas prices soared and so far continues to grow even as prices for gas are falling again.  Unfortunately, even though the system is heavily subsidized with taxes the budget is still apparently stretched. 

Fares right now are only about 75 cents.
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