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Text Box: Whatcom County has two port cities located on saltwater bays: 
Bellingham is the largest city and has the largest port in Whatcom County.
Blaine is a much smaller town and has a small harbor home to fishing and pleasure boats.
Text Box: Some pretty BIG ships can be seen in Bellingham Bay. The Alaska Ferry (seen in the background) arrives and departs weekly. There are big cargo freighters from time to time, like the Horizon Fairbanks (A & B), currently (July 2008)moored at Port Dock 1.
Text Box: Itís not unusual to see big barges or tankers (C) in the bay. The dry dock (adjacent to the Alaska Ferry Terminal) may also have big ships being repaired or upgraded.


Text Box: Bellingham Bay also hosts very TALL ships. 
I suspect these two qualify as 
class B or class C.
Text Box: Scores of tall masts can be seen on sail boats dispersed amongst cabin cruisers and fishing boats in Squalicum Harbor marina.
Text Box: This catamaran moored at a dock near the Alaska Ferry Terminal is sufficiently big and tall to impress a guy like me.