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Whatcom County is largely farm and forest land and berries are big business .
60-65% of all U.S. raspberries are grown in Whatcom County.
Everywhere you look it seems cow pastures are being converted to row upon row of raspberries (A), blueberries (B), strawberries (C) and others like blackberries (D).

We also have several varieties of wild blackberries (E).
They donít grow in rows... they grow wherever they want (F)!

Spring 2008 was cold and wet (did I mention it rains a lot here?) and, as you can see from these early July pictures, berries are maturing a couple of weeks late. At Barbieís Berries (C), berries are U-pick or We-pick and sold fresh, frozen or preserved.

As the other still green berries ripen around the county, all turns to gold as machines begin to mechanically pick tons berries row upon row. Other well know names in the localberry business; Boxx Berry Farm and Curt Mayberry Farm.

Text Box: Victoria/San Juan Ferry
They do whale watching too! 
Text Box: Map to the Alaska Ferry Terminal
Text Box: Alaska Ferry
Bellinghamís Alaska Ferry Terminal is a hub for Amtrak, Greyhound, WTA and the ferries.
Text Box: Lummi Island Ferry
Takes about 20 minutes.
Maybe stay at a bed and breakfast.