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Text Box: People love to protest things in Whatcom County. 
On tax day 04/15/2009 we had a  local “Tea Party”. 
It brought out a crowd estimated at 1500+. 
That’s huge for a county our size.
It was orderly... most people were smiling and enjoying a rare day in April without rain. 
Did I mention it usually rains too much here?


Text Box: Many canoe teams started their trip down the river like this... wet!
Text Box: This is the “sea” 
part of the race.
Bellingham Bay is a saltwater bay.







Text Box: The team from The Bagelry (wonderful bagels) 
took 1st place for 2009. 
Finally, thousands of people eat, drink and make merry 
well into the evening (pic 7). 
Text Box: Ski to Sea  takes place every May. 
A week before Memorial weekend kids do a junior parade and race. 
The BIG parade happens Saturday (Memorial weekend). 
Then, on Sunday... teams race.
The 90 mile relay race goes like this... 
400+ teams have one team member ski cross-country four miles, 
another climbs up Mt. Baker then skis down 
(I didn’t go to Mt. Baker for the “ski” part of the race), 
then there is an eight mile run, 
a fourth team member road bikes to Everson (pic 1), 
two others canoe to Ferndale (pics 2 & 3), 
a brave soul mountain bikes to Bellingham (pic 4), 
the last team member kayaks to Fairhaven 
and rings the bell at the finish line (pics 5 & 6).